“We don´t think in the big business, we think in people”

We hit the week giving a face to our next Spanish entrepreneur in London, Cristina González.

Cristina Gonzalez Leisure and Care London 2

Here a few tips about our superwoman:

  • She is from Basque Country but she says is from “everywhere” in Spain
  • Our entrepreneur was, during 8 years in Barcelona, the Travel Manager of one of the most important football teams in the World.
  • Her business is not a regular travel agency,   her business offers  “bespoke travel”, either helping people to visit the UK and also guiding clients to visit any hidden corner in Spain.
  • Whatever the client wants, Cristina can make it real. Would you like to visit a beer brewery in London? Would you like to have an exclusive shopping experience? Do you fancy overflying vineyards and Roman ruins in an Air balloon in Spain? Cristina can get it. And that is why, she says, “they are so unique”.
  • Cristina´s company is Leisure and Care Unique and, as she says, she doesn´t think in the big business, “she thinks in people”.

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