“We don´t think in the big business, we think in people”

We hit the week giving a face to our next Spanish entrepreneur in London, Cristina González.

Cristina Gonzalez Leisure and Care London 2

Here a few tips about our superwoman:

  • She is from Basque Country but she says is from “everywhere” in Spain
  • Our entrepreneur was, during 8 years in Barcelona, the Travel Manager of one of the most important football teams in the World.
  • Her business is not a regular travel agency,   her business offers  “bespoke travel”, either helping people to visit the UK and also guiding clients to visit any hidden corner in Spain.
  • Whatever the client wants, Cristina can make it real. Would you like to visit a beer brewery in London? Would you like to have an exclusive shopping experience? Do you fancy overflying vineyards and Roman ruins in an Air balloon in Spain? Cristina can get it. And that is why, she says, “they are so unique”.
  • Cristina´s company is Leisure and Care Unique and, as she says, she doesn´t think in the big business, “she thinks in people”.

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Our interview with the Spanish entrepreneur Marta Poyo, founder of the online store


Our Spanish entrepreneur this time is Marta Poyo, the founder of the fashion online store

Marta started her business when her daughter was born in 2012, when she couldn’t find in London the clothes that she wanted for her little and needed to ask her mum to buy them in Spain and bring them here.

She says that there are many shops in London where to find baby clothes but none of them offers what her company does: beautiful,  convenient and affordable Spanish baby clothes,  and with a very personalised customer service.

Marta gets involved from the very beginning of the production. From deciding fabrics, colours, styles and combinations. And that is why she can offer exclusive products. Mibebe is specialised also in baby lists, baby showers and Christenings.

Marta´s business has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and also House&Garden which has given to our Spanish entrepreneur de opportunity to open to a wider and exclusive market, especially now that the Royal Family has made of the Spanish baby clothing style a true trend.

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Advance of our new interview: we talk about quality, convenient baby clothing and a touch of Royal style

Marta found herself in troubles when her daughter was born and she couldn´t find in London the clothes that she wanted to dress her little baby with, so she had to ask her mother, living in Spain, to send her what she really needed.

It was in 2012 when the Spanish entrepreneur Marta Poyo decided then to open her own fashion e-commerce called, an online store fully dedicated to dressing the little ones. Marta says that Mibebe offers “traditional and luxurious baby and children clothes from Spain” and adds that her clothes are also convenient because of the easy care materials, something very important when it comes to the attention of busy mums. has been featured in magazines such us Vogue and also House & Garden which has given to our Spanish entrepreneur de opportunity to open to a wider and exclusive market, especially now that the Royal Family has made of the Spanish baby clothing style a true trend.

Would you like to meet Marta and her company? Check the sneak peek that we are advancing today. The full interview will go live on the 1st July!

Premiere: Interview with María Laín, from Spanish for Executives

There are 500 million people in the world who are native Spanish speakers and 68 million speak Spanish although it is not their language.

For our very first interview, we had the pleasure to meet María Lain. Originally from Madrid, has been living in between Spain and England for 10 years now. Maria is the founder of Spanish for Executives, company specialized in teaching Spanish for leaders.

 “We offer 3 different programs: cultural business and general program and our jewel which is the tailored one. We become partners with our students to make them reach their goals. Also, we offer life- like experiences like the Foodie program where you can go with us on a trip around London discovering enjoying Spanish restaurants and living the real culture“. María Laín, Spanish for Executives.

 We would like to thank Danny, from Truckles, who kindly hosted us and let us film on the terrace. Visit highly recommended.

Advance of our first interview: a very special Spanish teacher

We are already meeting and interviewing Spanish entrepreneurs in London!

Our very first experience was with María Laín,  from Spanish for Executives. María is originally from Madrid and she is helping to expand our language teaching Spanish to executives and board members, getting them ready for business meetings, holiday, buying properties, etc

 The most exciting is that she tailors the programme according to the student’s needs and even offers a foodie lessons!

Watch here a  quick sneak peek of the interview coming very soon.


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