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Welcome to Spanish business in London, the new non-profit media platform, in English,  focused on discovering the Spanish companies and their founders based in the British capital.

  • We are the ONLY media platform, founded by Spanish professionals,  that talks about Spanish companies just in ENGLISH. There are many websites out there where to find information about Spaniards and their businesses but Spanish Business in London is the only one with content written in the United Kingdom language.
  • We are NON- PROFIT. We don´t do paid advertising. Spanish Business in London promotes, free of charge, the Spanish entrepreneurs and their companies based in the British capital.
  • We believe Spanish professionals and their companies have played a very IMPORTANT ROLE helping to develop and sustain the British economy since many years ago and Spanish Business in London wants to promote and let the world know how relevant they are for the UK.

Now, whether you are a company looking for a partnership, a consumer gathering information or a compatriot seeking advice and experience, Spanish Business in London is your website.

Here you will find interviews, articles, and reviews with stories about those Spaniards who decided that London would provide them with a broad work spectrum and more possibilities of growth, from a very human point of view and,  by giving a face to our entrepreneurs, in the first person.

Welcome to Spanish Business in London