Looking for planning your Christmas trip with a very personal and unique approach? Cristina González would be the perfect person to do it for you. She is the founder and Leisure & Care and is one of our Spanish entrepreneurs based in London.

We filmed our interview this summer in one of the most emblematic places to visit in London, Green Park.  Cristina´s experience within the travel industry was built when she worked for 8 years as a Travel manager of the infamous Barcelona Football club

Cristina says that they are more like a Personal Assistant when it comes to organising the trips. They are like friends with their clients, speaking a lot with them and making sure everything has been planned according to exactly what they want.

Leisure & Care operates either in Spain and England. In our country, she can offer from flying on an air balloon to visiting the cellar of Ribera del Duero wine. Also in England, she would be able to take you to Ascot, a polo match, a gin factory in Chiswick or a concert where the tickets have been sold out for months.

Because as Cristina says, “We don´t think about the big business, we think of people. With us, you can do whatever you want”. And that is what makes them unique an especial.




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