Our Spanish entrepreneur this time is Marta Poyo, the founder of the fashion online store www.mibebe.co.uk.

Marta started her business when her daughter was born in 2012, when she couldn’t find in London the clothes that she wanted for her little and needed to ask her mum to buy them in Spain and bring them here.

She says that there are many shops in London where to find baby clothes but none of them offers what her company does: beautiful,  convenient and affordable Spanish baby clothes,  and with a very personalised customer service.

Marta gets involved from the very beginning of the production. From deciding fabrics, colours, styles and combinations. And that is why she can offer exclusive products. Mibebe is specialised also in baby lists, baby showers and Christenings.

Marta´s business has been featured in magazines such as Vogue and also House&Garden which has given to our Spanish entrepreneur de opportunity to open to a wider and exclusive market, especially now that the Royal Family has made of the Spanish baby clothing style a true trend.

You can follow Mibebe on Facebook and Instagram


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